Top 5 Christmas Destinations This Year

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For Christians all over the world, Christmas is a festival all we wait for the whole year. Christmas is a very sacred and joyful event for us, with a lot of illuminations, flowers, sweets, smells, etc. Because there are special Christmas holidays all the family waits for, so families plan to spend their Christmas holidays either at home or on the holiday destinations to relax and rejoice their lives with the new spirit and enthusiasm in their life. I’m here to tell you about the Christmas opportunities this year. Let’s have a look into the places you can spend your perfect Christmas holidays this year. I will share about my recent Christmas experience in Morocco first. I have had listened about Morocco tourist attractions from my friends and I then decided to move Marrakech to experience something unique. Yes, that worked.

What I found in Marrakech last Christmas?

For you, if I say, Morocco is a wonder on earth, it would not be a lie. We booked a package with the travel company to Marrakech, a red city in Morocco. You will find Marrakech a more vibrant city than expected. In December, people usually expect less rushed destinations because yes it is a festival time, but the major festival season in Morocco and Spain are the summer months.

Not underestimating the places, Spain and Morocco are very famous for the Christmas holidays too. You will find many Churches and public celebrations on roads on the very special event of Christmas. We found Marrakech full of delights and welcoming for its guests. People are so hospitable and care about the values the guests are treated in Arab African country, Morocco. I recommend you to visit Morocco this year and have a very splendid time with your family in the beauties and wonders of Morocco, the country has a lot of joys to offer you other than Marrakech.

Barcelona, Spain is a traditional Christmas destination

Barcelona is a magical city in Spain to celebrate Christmas. If you are in Spain this Christmas, expect a lot of excitement this time with family. Remember, you will get your passes or tickets in advance to head towards Spain at the right time. You will get to the destination at least a week ago to experience the charms of Barcelona.

There is a tradition there that clowns and animal costumed children and young people parade in the streets of town to spread more happiness and joys distributing the gifts all around. It’s a beautiful tradition. You will see the great fireworks on the eve of Christmas and will have an opportunity to get into the joys of nightlife if you are alone and not with family. If with family, you will find a lot of fun in Spain, the country will never disappoint you if you want to gather joys and smiles from there. I wish you better luck and expect you to write back your experiences then.

You can't miss a trip to Santa Claus Village this Christmas

It is in Finland, just 2km away the famous Rovaniemi Airport, capital of Lapland in the north of Finland. Do you know why it is called a Santa clause village? Because it is famous that the village is especially visited by Santa Clause every year. We have listened about the stories of Santa clause distributing the gifts in kids, it was a wish to see Santa with our eyes or at least feel him.

With this opportunity, you will have the best cuisines in Finland in the topnotch restaurants in the town. Shops are there to buy gifts for your own people, take the pictures with the clowns and Santa itself. It will add an account of joys in your life.

4.    Las Vegas, USA

If I recommend this place as the best city in the world to celebrate your Christmas holidays, yes the city deserves a visit. Las Vegas is regarded as the best city in terms of entertainment. The nightlife of the town is very famous among the travelers come from all around the world. All the hotels in Las Vegas get booked in the last week to Christmas. People get advance booking of the hotels and the rooms to get enthralled by the Charms of Las Vegas city.

All the city get enlightened with the extra illumination and decorated with the Christmas trees and Santa clause with gifts all around the city. Bars are open to welcome you, embrace you to enjoy all the night of Christmas. You will never miss the moments to recall any bad memory if you reach Las Vegas.

Disney World in Florida calls you this Christmas

Disneyland is a word, you and your next generation must have in their memories. Disneyland film and the cartoons are so famous till the date I'm writing this article for you. It is in Florida, you should take your kids from the Film memories to the real experiences this Christmas. They will experience seeing the caste and different festivals around it. Different activities are arranged by the locals there for the kids and families. You will be lucky if you pick the destination for this Christmas.

It is all up to you that what you want in your Christmas holidays this year. These were my suggestions you can add into your destination list and opt for any one of these. These places are only the glimpses, you can opt any great destinations from the thousand of the options you would be already having. This world is a beautiful place, make it more beautiful to explore it and spread the smiles all over. Happy Christmas in advance!

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