Podcast #548: How to Start and Sustain Conversations

Whether sitting next to someone on the subway, mingling at a wedding, or chatting around the water cooler, chances to make conversation and new friends abound in our lives. But how do you meet and talk to people without being awkward about it?

My guest today has spent over three decades teaching people from all walks of life how to make small talk and socialize. His name is Don Gabor, and he’s the author of several books, including the one we’re talking about today, How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

We begin our conversation discussing where Don sees people have the most problems with starting and sustaining conversations, as well as whether these issues have or haven’t changed over the last thirty years. Don then walks us through how you can make yourself more approachable for small talk, why body language is so key in this area, and the best way to give a handshake. We then discuss how to break the ice with someone you’ve just made contact with, how to handle rejection, and how to remember people’s names after you meet them. Don then shares how to keep the conversation going by offering up and homing in on certain keywords. We end our conversation, with how to end a conversation. 

Show Highlights

  • Why we think too much when it comes to conversations
  • How to hone your skills even if you’re a natural talker
  • How things have changed in the 30 years Don has been doing this
  • Making yourself more approachable 
  • Shaking hands the right way 
  • How do you break the ice in a natural way?
  • Why you should interact with the people in your neighborhood 
  • Making introductions and remembering people’s names
  • What to do when you don’t anyone at an event
  • Easy ways to keep the conversation going 
  • Ending a conversation the right way 

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